Monday, January 3, 2011

instilling money saving tools

Coupons4KidsCoupons are an interesting concept.  Manufacturers try to lure consumers into trying their products through coupons in the hope that the consumer will continue to buy that same product in the future.  However, many consumers that use coupons are couponers (savvy, money saving coupon clippers), so the theory doesn't necessarily hold true.

This week, our son was looking through his new High Five magazine (Highlights magazine for ages 2-5) and he noticed the magazine subscription inserts.  His first reaction was "Mommy, look I found some coupons".  He was so proud that he had found some coupons.  I had to laugh at this one, but as I got thinking, his response created a proud mommy feeling.  In many households, most three-year-olds would have no idea what a coupon was, but at our house it is a regular topic of discussion when I am creating the shopping list for the week.  Each week when my husband and I talk about the shopping list and coupons, our son is learning valuable lessons on saving money and using available resources.  Hopefully, as our children grow up, they will learn many techniques and tools to spending wisely, living within their means, and saving money.

Cutting the crust off in 2011.

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