Friday, January 7, 2011

finance friday - line dry

Tip #2:
Hang dry laundry.

In Minnesota, it is the middle of winter, but at my house, I have clothes hang drying to save electricity costs and clothing expenses.  My kids are growing so quickly that I don't want to risk shrinking clothing by putting them in the dryer.  I have built-in hanging bars to dry my clothing in my tiny laundry room, but if you don't have room for drying bars built-in a simple folding drying rack works perfect.  When the weather is nice, enjoy hanging your clothing outside on your folding drying rack to enjoy the added benefit of having fresh smelling clothing.

Enjoy cutting your budget by hang drying.


  1. Excellent idea. I dry every thing on a wooden clothes drying rack. It saves money. My clothes last longer and I swear it is better for me.