Friday, December 17, 2010

finance friday - upromise

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This post reminded me of another way to pay off some student loan debt.  I have seen Upromise all over the place the last couple of years, but I never looked into it because I thought it was just a credit card that earned money rewards.  I realize now that I missed out on lots of money by not signing up earlier.  There is a credit card available and you would earn money if you signed up for it, but there are many ways to earn money without signing up for the credit card.
About two months ago, I read a post on Upromise and decided to look into it.  I signed up that day, used a promotional code that I found using Google, and starting earning money that we will use to pay off our student loans faster.  If you don't have student loans, you can start saving for your child's college tuition, paying your tuition (if you are in school), or any number of other things related to higher education.

Learn more about Upromise.  Here is what we are doing to earn more money through Upromise.
  • We signed-up for dining rewards, so we earn money at participating restaurants using our credit or debit cards that are registered.
  • We registered our credit cards and debit card with Upromise, so we earn money through the dining rewards, as mentioned above.
  • We sign in to Upromise and link to our online shopping sites to earn more money (like,, etc.).  You will earn a different percentage of total sale depending on the retailer.
  • We registered our store card from Rainbow and log in once a month to "clip" eCoupons, in which the savings go directly into our Upromise account.  For example, if you "clip" a eCoupon for $.50 off salad dressing, buy that item, swipe your store card, you will earn $.50 off in your Upromise account.  Each month the eCoupons change and you need to log in to clip the eCoupons.
Because we are using the money to pay for our student loans, we need to wait until we have $25 in our account to request a distribution.  After only two months, we have earned $14.37.  My goal in 2011 is to earn a total of $100 to put toward our student loan payments.

Here's to finding more ways to pay down debt.

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