Friday, December 3, 2010

finance friday - bill pay

Bill pay is a great way to save a little money.  With the increasing postage rates, free bill bay reduces each bill by $.44 each plus the expense of an envelope if one isn't included with the bill.  If your current bank doesn't offer free bill pay, look at smaller banks.  We currently bank at a small bank about two hours from where we live because of the great interest rates and free bill pay.

Never missing a payment is another added benefit of bill pay.  Once we receive a bill in the mail, I log onto our bill pay system and enter it immediately to pay at or around the date that the bill is due.  Then I enter it into our Quicken program, file the bill away, and forget about it.  Quicken allows me to see that we have the money to pay the bill and future dating the payment allows me to forget about my bills because they are all entered and will be paid on time.

Here's to minimizing spending...

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