Friday, November 19, 2010

friday finance - black friday

I am one of the crazy shoppers out fighting the crowd on Black Friday.  I am so crazy about Black Friday shopping that I usually start planning out my shopping trip starting in early November when the Black Friday ads are leaked or released and posted on sites such as and

I use a spreadsheet to plan out my trip with a list for each location which includes the price per item.  One of the big benefits of doing this is that I am not tempted to buy that door buster deal that I didn't need when I was planning out my list and definitely don't need now that I am in the store.  Some additional benefits:
  • I know exactly how much I am going to spend before I leave the house (at an insanely early hour).
  • I prioritize locations for the best deals.
  • I usually finish all of my holiday shopping.
If you are planning to fight to crowds next Friday, hope you are able to cut your spending a bit by getting some good deals.

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